Saturday, November 15, 2008

Open air cafe

The pets were all gathered at the window, crowded on the back of the "pet chair." I couldn't see what they were watching.
The familiar scene is always upsetting for my husband, who grew these babies himself this summer. At first I thought only the gourds had been attacked, but nearly every pumpkin suffered a bite.
My fault, since I set the earlier sampled pumpkins on the ground, hoping that the thieves would be satisfied with just them. No such luck. The next time the pets gathered at the door, I caught the critter for posterity.
Little bugger kept coming back for more. The pets weren't enough to scare it away permanently. It would simply wait out our exits. It was hard to get a decent shot, because it scooted out of sight when the cats and dog showed their faces. One last try, though, yielded a short clip:

No, it didn't drag away a pumpkin, but we will likely find the rest of the gourds around the yard when the weather allows. Let's hope they leave enough for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Little Pond


Granny J said...

I'm reminded that my mysterious chipmunk who lives in the woodpile on my back porch made his/her presence known again by tearing apart an old pillow I had left outside.

pb said...

And when I look at the cushions out there, half the time the squirrels are digging at them.

Oh, well, maybe we need new ones, anyway. Nothing's too good for my little thieves...