Saturday, November 15, 2008

Open air cafe

The pets were all gathered at the window, crowded on the back of the "pet chair." I couldn't see what they were watching.
The familiar scene is always upsetting for my husband, who grew these babies himself this summer. At first I thought only the gourds had been attacked, but nearly every pumpkin suffered a bite.
My fault, since I set the earlier sampled pumpkins on the ground, hoping that the thieves would be satisfied with just them. No such luck. The next time the pets gathered at the door, I caught the critter for posterity.
Little bugger kept coming back for more. The pets weren't enough to scare it away permanently. It would simply wait out our exits. It was hard to get a decent shot, because it scooted out of sight when the cats and dog showed their faces. One last try, though, yielded a short clip:

No, it didn't drag away a pumpkin, but we will likely find the rest of the gourds around the yard when the weather allows. Let's hope they leave enough for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Little Pond

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Summer in Review

Every summer is a good summer in Husband RJ's garden. Autumn and winter are spent planning it, even before the leaves are dropped and raked. Here is a sampling, in no particular order.
White hyacinths to feed the soul.
Jonquils are one of my favorite spring flowers; they last well into the summer months.
Pampas grass and bluets greet the neighborhood walkers.Patches begs to go out in her Kitty Walk. The pets' throw makes extra shade on a hot day.
The vegetable garden before it exploded with tomatoes, pumpkins and squash.
Flowers around the shrubs are regularly rotated, to maximize the seasons.And they are all zealously guarded by our own RiverDog, Ellie.

Little Pond

Saturday, September 20, 2008

September 20, 2008

Little red morning glories are nearly hidden by the foliage.

The fence along the sidewalk is heaped in Heavenly Blues.

Hidden Heavenly Blue.

Closed Heavenly Blue proves that the color includes reds.

Dewy heavenly blue on a hot day.

Shot from the back door. Hummingbird feeder in foreground.

Full noontime sun beginning to wilt the leaves.

Hidden Rose Mallow is about 8 inches wide (20 cm).

Morning Glories overpowering the euonymus.

Shot in the bright noonday sun.

The coleus grows in the shade behind RJ's back room.

Final closeup of the perfect leaves.

Little Pond